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Thank you for visiting my website. If you don't see what you're looking for, please reach out to me directly as I have many more images for you to choose from.



Monica who LOVES taking pictures! I’m lost without a camera in my hand. The only thing that is better than catching the light just right on an evening drive, is sharing that moment. That’s what I do and I get to share it with you through my canvas prints.

But I don’t do it alone.

I share this passion for photography with my husband, Ken Darling. That’s right, there are two Darlings in this picture, three actually if you count our quickly growing puppy, Bailey. Ken is most often my driver and spotter of excellent light. Our afternoon rides have taken on a whole new meaning, looking for that perfect shot. I shouldn’t admit this, but he’s so good at seeing the same shot I do, sometimes I don’t even have to get out of the truck.

My journey as a photographer began with the ability to see life in pictures, having “an eye” to see what others did not, to draw you into my photographs. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did when I took the shot.

I created Monica Darling Photography for you; my friends, family and customers. Thank you to those who purchased my first canvas prints and proudly hung them on your wall. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going, adding craft shows and festivals to my resume. This website is for you, my awesome customers, so that you have access to the beauty I see. Everyone needs a little bit of Monica in their life.


I have chosen canvas as my medium of preference for several reasons. The prints are lightweight and durable, making them easy and affordable to ship. They don't break! No broken glass here and no frame needed, hang as is. I love being able to tell the kids (and adults too) "It's okay, here - you CAN touch, you won't break it. Go on, pick it up and check it out."

I carefully research canvas print companies to ensure I can offer my customers the highest quality product at the most reasonable price. My canvas prints boast amazing color and sharpness with a Latex ink that has UV protection and is solvent free, suitable for allergy sufferers and children.  Which is awesome because kids of all ages love my prints!

A Monica Darling canvas print can transport you to the top of your favorite mountain, watch hot air balloons float by from a covered bridge, drive you along a dirt road umbrellaed with the colorful leaves of fall or in a field surrounded by the cutest cows you’ve ever seen. From my lens to your room, let my work take you on an adventure.